Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Quick Update In Pictures!

We celebrated Krystyn's birthday

Carving pumpkins with the Rogersons

David cleaning out his pumpkin

Working on the carving, I finished mine in 10 minutes

My cute pumpkin!

Dave's is a gargoyle

The Rogersons at the Jazz Game

The Jazz Game

Krystyn on witches night out

Krystyn and Chase

He's so stinking cute!

Bart putting pavers at my Grandma's

Cosmo dressed up for Halloween

Me and Shaylee

Blake getting ready to blow out his candle

Me with the fish I caught on my birthday

My Dad with on of the many fishes he caught

Another one of my Dad's fish

Dave's nephew enjoying his ice cream cone

Dave's other nephew enjoying his 1st birthday cake

Shelly with part of the aftermath of Hayden's cake

Chandler opening his birthday presents

Dad and Shaylee

Chandler blowing out his candles

My Dad and I went fishing again this Saturday, this is one of the several he pulled out of the Ogden River.

He let this one go, it was the biggest one he caught

Dad reeling in his catch

The other big one he caught, he was lucky that day.

Mine is the smallest fish of the four and that was the only one I caught.

Ok, so now I have updated!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday! I won't tell how old she is, she would probably disapprove of me disclosing that. I just want to tell my Mom that I love her and I am so happy that she is my Mother. We have grown a lot closer as I have gotten older. I like that my Mom will call me once a day to see how I am doing. It is nice to know that she is intrested in what is going on in my life. She has a great love for the gospel and is willing to share her testimony with anyone. I am grateful that she was a stay at home Mom while I was growing up. It was nice to come home to somebody after school. I like that my Mother lets me tease her, even though she doesn't find some of my jokes funny she still puts up with me. :) Happy Birthday Mom!! You are an amazing person! We love you!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ok I know I have been horrible at keeping up on the posts. I will work on it so that way I don't get so far behind.
I will bring you up to date, we'll start with Labor Day weekend. We went to Swiss Days with my parents and my Grandma Stalder. We saw Elder Uchtdorf there with his family. I didn't take to many photos while we were but here are a few.

My parents eating brauts and a navajo taco.

Dave and Grandma

On Saturady we went and hiked Bells Canyon again with Dave's friend Brett and his date. We met up at around 7 at night and started off. I thought we were just going to hike to the holding pond but I was mistaken. We hiked our way up to the falls. After about an 1 hour and a half I had to stop. Then Brett and his date and some other couple we picked up on the hike continued on. Dave and hiked back down with just our cells phone for light. We gave the two flashlights we had to Brett and the other couple.

We tried to take a picture where we were both looking at the camera but I couldn't stand the flash, so I decided I would kiss Dave. He may look like he hated the kiss but he loved it!

The stream we crossed over. We didn't get any pictures of Brett and his date. We made it down the mountain around 10. And Brett and his date made it down around 11:30. (They never made it to the falls.) Oh and the couple that we picked up and we let borrow our flashlight never came back. They took off with our flashlight!

On Monday around 3 P.M. Liam Tony Harward was born. He belongs to Dave's older brother Kelly and his wife Tracy. He was 6 pounds 11 ounces, and I think about 19 inches long. He is so cute!

Gabe with his new baby brother with Grandma

Kelly with Gabe, Liam and Grandpa

Liam Tony Harward

On September 5th my cousin Charie got married! She married Trever Pehrson in the Salt Lake Temple. They are so cute together and I wish them the best in life.

My Mom,Krystyn and I waiting while they took pictures.
My Grandma Stalder with Charie and Trever. I love her dress!

Charie and her parents and brothers and their wives

The four older girl cousins. Me, Charie, Natasha, and Krystyn

Krystyn and Chase at the reception

Chase and I he is so cute!

Chase decided he wanted to eat Dave's goatee

The happy couple cutting the cake.

Ok now that I have updated the best I can I will try again to keep up on my post.

Friday, August 29, 2008

House still for sale!!

So our house is still up for sale! So if any one know someone who would like to buy a 1100 square foot townhome ours would be a good one to buy. It has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. All the kitchen appliances are included so are the washer and dryer. We will have the carpets cleaned before anyone moves in. We will also change the water filters. It has a one car garage and guest parking around the homes. We are asking $187,000.00.

Family Reunion

This is Dave. Yup, Hollie is making me write again. So, we had a reunion for my mom's side of the family. Its a pretty good reunion. We have an auction for white elephant gifts that everyone brings and they sell raffle tickets for a home-made quilt. The games were a little disorganized for the kids, but they didn't seem to mind. They just wanted the water balloons.

This is my sister Jamie and her son Brady. He's a balloon fan.
This is my neice, Sophie. She is really cute and always nice as long as you don't let her within biting distance of her brother.
This is where we set up giant volleyball.

Its not as easy as regular volleyball.
My dad with Brady and Sophie. ( I have 5 other niece/nephews, but they didn't hold still long enough to be photographed )
Ring toss with my nephew Parker
I think Hollie takes pictures of babies a lot. Is she trying to tell me something?
Me on the left, sister Jamie in the middle, brother Kelly on the right.
Hollie was pretty excited about the white elephant gift she got in the auction. She has been wanting a nice wooden cutting board and got one and later found out that it was made by one of my relatives. We also got an alarm clock. You see, the gifts are all wrapped so you don't know what its going to be. We didn't need an alarm clock, but luckily my mom needed one for the cabin, so she took it.